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#186 did you do that,Mathy?


It's awesome!


It looks exactly like the drawing!


I'm working on making a trail art version of the Coding Journey section, here it is so far:

What do you think? :D


so kool, it looks like the actual thing :D


Looks fantastic, fren!! When it's done, it will look great and you will be proud of yourself!


What is this topic for????


This is just a topic where I post things about how far I've gotten with my projects. People can also ask me questions here, if they have any.

I might also post other Hopscotch/forum related things here if I don't feel like they need their own topic. :D


Yea I know but what's the topic for...


I'm a bit confused, what do you mean?


I'm just joking xD I'm sorry if I confused you xDD


Oh, okay. XD


I follow you. I wish I coded like you.
I am not you.


Okay, I don't have that much homework, but I have enough to keep me busy for a while. Don't be surprised if I'm not active today! :D


I published a new Scratch project! :D

I might remake it in Hopscotch later. :D


cool m8

i'm ayanamidoster on scratch i just don't know how to really 'code' there lmao


I made a thing.

I was bored, okay? :P


I like it! The smooth motion of it is really nice! :D
It's soothing...
The elusive Puffy has appeared :0000


Thanks, Puffy! :D


Something I made for the Warm Colors Challenge:

Here's a picture:

What do you think? :D

P.S. 200th post! :)