Mathgirl's Announcement Topic (Latest Announcement: Inactivity Notice)


Hey Hopscotchers! :D

Here, I'll be posting important announcements. This topic was made because I don't want to clog up the forum with topics about certain announcements.

I will definitely post an announcement if...

  1. I decide to leave. (NEVER!)
  2. I need to take a break from Hopscotch. (only if necessary)
  3. I won't be on as frequently.
  4. Something bad that will affect my Hopscotch/forum life happens.
  5. Anything else, as long as it's both important and related to Hopscotch.

I may post an announcement if I decide to make a huge project in Hopscotch, but I probably won't.

That's basically all I have to say right now.

Happy Hopscotching! :D

EDIT: I will no longer be posting announcements when I go on vacation.


Announcement 1:

You may have noticed that I haven't been publishing projects as frequently as I usually do. However, you probably haven't, as I never published very frequently anyway.

Anyway, I have a kind of sad (well, part of it is sad...) announcement to make. I'll put the sad part of this announcement in details, as it contains stuff that I'm pretty sure not all of you can handle.

Please don't tap if you can't handle death and stuff like that...

Okay, you tapped it, so I'm going to assume you can handle this.

Anyway, one of my grandfathers died a few days ago, and I won't be on as much because of it.

I'll be attending his funeral on Monday evening (well, most of Monday evening), so I won't be on at all during that time.

Anyway (I'm using the word anyway too much, aren't I?), I've been really busy with schoolwork and stuff, so I won't be on Hopscotch that much.

Again, I won't be on Hopscotch as much as of today. That goes for the forum as well. Sorry.


Okay well then this is a lot to handle.


I'm so sorry. It's horrible when people you love die. Of course, take all the time you need away, and don't come back until you're good and ready.


I understand. It's really difficult to go through but you'll get there...
Take your time!


Announcement 2:

School's almost over for me, and when it is, I'll be on Hopscotch and the forum a lot more! :D

However, I'll be going on a bit of a vacation sometime during the summer. If I randomly disappear for about a week, I'm probably on vacation. :D

That was a short announcement. :P

Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:


And happy holidays!


Small announcement:

I'm going to a birthday party today, so don't mind if I randomly disappear partway through the day. :D


I need to go now, bye! :D

"See" you in a few hours! :D



See ya!

Have fun :D



I'm back! :D

The party was really fun! :D


I'm going to be going on vacation sometime later this month. Don't mind if I randomly disappear for about a week! :D (I'm not going today, I just wanted to let you know. :D)


Thanks for the notice :wink: !


Okay, I'm going tomorrow (on July 23). :D

I'll be gone for a week or less. :D


I'll be going on vacation really soon, so I'll just say bye now. :D

Bye, "see" you guys in a week (or less)! :D


Bye! Have fun!

I just got back from my vacation :D


Turns out I wasn't on vacation as long as I thought I'd be... In any case, I'm back now. :D


Hai! @Mathgirl

How was your vacation? :D