@mathgirls 100th week on hs!


I was scrolling though @Mathgirl hs account and she's been on for 100 weeks. Even her first project was awesome. I'm going to edit this on the history of @mathgirl later! Wow @Mathgirl thanks for being hs so long!



Happy anniversary @Mathgirl!


I've actually been on for longer than that, but thanks! :D


On your main account XD.

What are your other accounts?


I only have my backup (FunLovingHopscotchGirl), but I've been on since before accounts existed (At least, I don't think they existed. I didn't have one though.). :)


:smiley: well... Congrats on your MATHGIRL account then


I have no idea how many weeks I've been on


Kool :smiley:


Yay! Congrats Mathgirl