Math Problem Generator REMIX CONTEST


A while ago, I made a project titled "Math Problem Generator". I don't plan on doing anything with it, so I'm making a contest.

You have to make a remix of my math problem generator project that does something cool with it. Ex : A game where you get a math problem and 3-4 possible answers. You have to pick the correct answer.

How to Enter Your Remix
Publish the remix and reply on this topic with the link to your project

This is probably what you wanted to see, right?

  • Likes on 30 of your projects (Randomly chosen)
  • A follow
  • A small pixel art request or a small-ish game request
  • A custom made logo request (a collage type thing or a custom, random design of my own)

All projects must be submitted by September 10th.

Example of Logo Prize

The design won't be the same, this is just an example of the quality of logo I make. (This logo was a request from @PerfectPanda24)


First reply and I'll try this

tag list



First! Here it is


@Nerd4Ever I'm going to add more stuff right now


@Nerd4Ever Here's My Latest Version


I can give a follow and 10 likes as a prize!


This is keel! Good idea for a contest