Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



I just got a new book, “The Facts on File Dictionary of Mathematics”. It’s super helpful and interesting to just browse through.


Yeah, I’m excited to do it. I’ve looked at some of the math problems and such, and it looks like if you’ve learned algebra then it isn’t that hard.


I have something similar - there’s an American Math Association, who publish a “math classification paper” every few years. It is a giant list of every single type of math out there at this time. It’s giant. And I just made a program to randomly choose 10, and spit them out. If I know one of them, I give it a check. If not, I invest at least a few hours into learning about it. Hopefully, eventually, I’ll be able to consistently get 10/10. It’s hard though, because they are all over mathematics.

The hardest so far has been Teichmüller theory. Took me 3 days just to figure out what it was about. Take a look at that wiki page - it’s a monster. And then there’s inter-universal teichmüller theory, which I’m not even going to attempt.


Everything is built on top of algebra. Calculus is basically just algebra with infinitesimals. It’s not always clear that that is what you’re doing, but fundamentally that’s always what it is. In fact, in the research I’m doing now I haven’t even dealt with any numbers for weeks, and yet it’s still called “nonabelian algebraic geometry”. If you know algebra, you’re good to go for tons of math.


What kind of math are you interested in these days?

Same goes for everyone :slight_smile:


Ooh, tough one. Not much at the moment. I’m playing around with some stuff. I haven’t found anything that really interests me recently.

How about you?


Yeah, I went through a lull like that recently. It’s basically just chance, you always stumble upon something when you least expect it.

I’m currently doing research with one of my nearby university professors on Hilbert Modular Forms, and their connections to Galois representations of elliptic curves. You’ve probably always heard of it in a different form, though - the solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem.


When you realise a lot of Hops are American and you donnae get what “Honours Algebra” means…


I’m American and don’t get it.




I think it’s an advanced algebra class of some sort. XD


Oh :0

wonders why other systems are so weird


Getting ready to do my math summer assignment that I was supposed to start in may. :grimacing:


Not gonna lie that looks fun but so unfamiliar. The formats I’m used to are much different

Hopscotch Programming Puzzles



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