Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



Well, I feel bad. You see, I was in 7th grade math in 5th grade but when you were in 4th grade you were learning what I was learning!


By sixth grade you’ll probably be doing 9th grade math, and learning it quicker than I am learning stuff right now

Sorry if I made you feel bad :cold_sweat:


Hey, you got it right! How’d you know that I’d be doing 9th grade math in sixth grade? Oh and sorry if you thought you made me feel bad. I don’t feel bad. I was just joking! Don’t feel sad!


You’d be advanced if you’re learning inequalities in fifth :wink:

Okey then that’s good :smiley::smiley::smiley:


What are inequalities and do I know them without knowing what they’re called? Also, what’s the golden rule of algebra? I ink I should know this stuff.


Inequalities are like

3(x+5) > 2x(5x-4)

And the golden rule of algebra is

 The strategy for solving this equation is the repeated application of the           golden rule of algebra to collect like terms and isolate the quantity x on one     side of the equation.


Oh. Yeah I remember learning that.




It’s just to talk about math, not brag.

Anyway, since this is revived, anyone have any questions? I’m up to try some.


What about the numberphile topic, though?


I mean, this is the original math topic. It’s cool that there is a new one, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use this, because it was revived anyway.


Okey then…


Hey! I was just about to post in this topic again! I just did some pretty cool math stuff.

What’s everybody doing/learning these days in math?


Can you explain how -3 to the power of 2 is different from (-3) to the power of 2


Do you know about order of operations?


(-3)^2is 9, because the ^2 is on the -3.

-3^2 is -9, because the ^2 is on the 3, and not the -.


I think you meant to put the parentheses just around the -3 in the first line, surrounding the whole thing in parentheses doesn’t do anything xD


That’s what I meant to do, yes. :joy:


I’m doing some algebra. I’m waiting for my dad to help me with calculus, though.


That’s awesome! Calculus is sooo fun, and the notation is super satisfying. It’s also not at all as hard as people think.