Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



Same. :000
It's so simple yet so time consuming XD


Also my math teacher is the best
We learn algebra 1 and every day after class she posts notes and answer key to check our homework
She doesn't even check our homework most of the time


Does anyone know the 24 game


....That's pretty amazing XD



Mind blown way too late


Flaw: I decided to let you use n as the largest possibles number.

What about n+1 or n+22?


Absolutely right. I'm assuming the existence of n without proving it. What I proved is that if there is a largest number, it has to be 1. But there isn't. Awesome job.



pats own back


Thank you :smiley:


@KayKay we'll start easy and then ill see what you can do.


Solve for x


Can you draw that on a piece of paper and show me what it looks like on a piece of paper



We didnt learn this stuff at my old school because my teachers were lazy


Cool! I was working on that earlier this year and last year. :smiley:




After rereading this topic, I'm in the mood to do math. Anyone have any problems?


What is 189+11


btw • is multiplication


Simplifying it?