Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



1) x = 4

2) 2/3 of 30 = 20 and 20(2) = 40
Noicelletni has 40 cookies. Woah. XD

3) Sorry I have no idea. XD

4) ^^ (I gave up after 10 minutes)

See? Not smart. ;o;

I was procrastinating by eating apple slices and watching the olympics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi :D

1) yeah! :D

2) hm, i think you might have interpreted the problem wrong. My fault actually, I should've made it clearer XD
Noicelletni should have 90 cookies! :D

30 = 2/3 of Inty's cookies, so Inty would have 45 :D
Then doubled is 90
Does that makes sense...? :D

3) sorry! This was a bad problem on my end!

4) ^^^^^^^

I think these were a bit hard, like maybe even what I might be solving in class XD D:
My bad! I should've given better problems, these ones you'd have to know exactly how to solve them using equations and stuff :D
You're super smart!!! :D
I keep forgetting you're two years younger than me XD :D

Sorry Inty! Those were bad problems :00000


1) :+1:

2) Oh! XD I read that too fast. Yeah, it makes sense. :D

It's okay!! A lot of people forget. XD It's not your fault.

And, thanks!


You wrote "me and owen" when i replied lol

You changed it to "me, and owen"


Reviving because omg

I might be actually getting published

Like in a legit journal

I discovered a cool thing

And other people think its cool too



It certainly can't be as cool as me discovering that tomorrow is actually Thursday, not Friday.


Thats not cool thats just depressing


BAS, guess what? I discovered that when you add 2 numbers, you get more numbers.

Mind blown.


Right. I was so excited for Friday, but then I had to wait because Thursday cut in line.


not true if we're working out of peano doe


I have two math tests and 52645642 math homework things due on Friday so I'm pretty glad it isn't.


I have concluded that 9 is a number.


Not true

Here's a proof that 1 is the largest number

Let n be the largest positive integer. Since nā‰„1, multiplying both sides by n implies that n2ā‰„n. But since n is the biggest positive integer, it is also true that n2ā‰¤n. It follows that n2=n. Dividing both sides by n implies that n=1.


Here's a hard math question:

Yesterday, I checked my bank account and realized that it was empty. Today I checked it again to find it empty. What am I?


a sad person


Broke, unemployed, and and living with your parents


:cry: omg. The new emojis are so weird.

Edit: y u change the emoji discourse?


But I never said that 9 was the biggest number, I said it was a number.


Yea, but by proving 1 is the biggest number I proved no numbers bigger than 1 are actually numbers, including 9.


Ah. But if 1 is the biggest number, what is the smallest number?