Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



Could someone give me an easy math problem?

I need to get ready for school. :smiley: Yup yup I'm one of those people who likes school because I get to learn.


What's 1 + 1

Too hard??

Ok then what's 0 + 1

No no no even I can't answer that

What's McDonald's + Burger King XD

idek anymore


Oh my those are way too hard. I can only do the last one.

McDonald's + Burger King = McKing

Wow, that has a nice ring to it. XD


What type? :D (algebra, fractions, idk, etc XD) :D
I would love to give you some problems!!!! :D


Give me a variety (remember, pretty easy ones. XD). >:)

Thanks @Bananadog!


You got it right omg you're so smart :0


A simple question c:
What's Starbucks+Dunkin Dougnuts? c:
XD c:


Ok!!! :)

1) 3x + 6 = 2 (x + 5 )

2) Gary has 30 cookies, that number being 2/3 of Inty's cookies. The number of cookies Inty has is 50% of Noitcelletni's cookies. How many cookies does Noicelletni have? XD :D

3) Larry the snail travels m miles per hour. How many miles does he travel in n days?

4) Lerry the surf dude emoticon...surfs. XD
He slowly travels from the beach to a buoy at 2 mph, then rides 3/4 of that distance back on his surfboard at 5 mph. He spends a total of 55 minutes in the ocean. How far is the buoy from the beach? (Doesn't include his 1/4 ride back) (sorry that was confusing XD)

Sorry for the late reply! If you want more, see post 1322, I made a bunch of problems :D

@smishsmash hi :D
you can solve these too if you want :D


@Bananadog hai senpai :D

I can't, sorreee.. I can't do math xD.
And I'm too lazy :D


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Same XD :D



Ye, maths just not my thing lol.
I like writing and English language arts better :D


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How's laif? :D


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Laifs good! c:
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Someone try giving me a math problem! I bet you I won't get it right. XD

Remember, I am only 9(0)!


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