Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



Um I'm sure our numbers are bigger.


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No way. 1.674204278266487455455693889857171302785737567236723 × 10^613


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ive already won with 12.7



well folks that's game


OMG my calculator broke. I surrender.(What calculator did you use?).


3.87474317E1499 Is bigger than your number.


Infinity. It is way bigger.


Based on the work of Achim Flammenkamp and Ramanujan I developed a way to generate them very quickly, used modular congruence classes to reduce the numbers to manageable terms for Mathematica and then reconstructed them into scientific notation. Basically, I have no limit to how far I can go.

5.441494234917143355362204574340699581402144052495014 × 10^1627

See this paper for more on how I did it:


Okay, I give up. Your too smart. My mind exploded, literally. Killing me. Bye.


I basically use 720720^X. X being a power of 2.


I don't think that will ever be a highly composite number other than X=1


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but personally I think 12.7 is a gr8 number
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i can barely solve 9 + 10 lol


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le best number is -sqrt(1.27)
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