Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



Hi Poptart!
looks at title
Is that true?


Once my cousin searched what is 2 + 2 yo be funny and it said it was 5. Since when iPad? Since when?


Why 12.7
Why not a more interesting number like 127
127 is about the most interesting number you could ever encounter, but I dare you to name one cool property of 12.7.


It is a math.


it has a decimal point in it

with a number after it

that's what makes 12.7 so cool


5040 is a better number. It has more divisors than the numbers below 5040. It is basically an anti-prime.(I totally don't watch numberphile).


EYYY! Superior highly composite numbers are awesome. My favorite is 720720, which is also coincidentally the name of my latest noscope.

Anyways - I came up with a way to generate them. And it hadn't been discovered before. I made new math :smiley: It's awesome.


12.7 is the best number of all though


well pi has that but infinite times

so yeah



5194373184 is more Composite. It is a more anti-prime.




Do we declare a composite war?


but 12.7 is easy to remember

and doesn't go on

and you don't wonder if there is a pattern or an end because it is 12.7








Umm, mines bigger.


Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine has 95 digits, yours has 94


12.7 wins because it is the biggest

and the greatest

okay I'll leave now