Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



So what's log?




log is just logarithm like

log39 is 2

It basically asks 3 (tiny number) to what power is 9 (the the bigger number)

ln is the same, but logethe number for all

log by itself is usually log10 no, i'm wrong it's what buildy said below here


Logb x is asking b to what power equals x

So Log2(64)=6 because 26=64

Log by itself with no base is ln, the natural log (log base e).


oh lol i need review log and ln then lol


It actually depends - in most programming languages and in mathematics itself, log(x) is the natural log. But, in engineering it is usually log10(x). Which is weird.


E being avagardos number. (Or something else).


oh, that makes sense then. :)

I randomly found this lol


Nope :stuck_out_tongue: E is euler's number, probably one of the most important mathematical constants ever. Objectively better than pi. But pi is better.


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Oh yes 2.718… I knew it!


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what is a math


Maths is mathematics.


I can think of one thing. I hate math on paper and on iPad. But the iPad is more accurate. Because it calculates it. Wait, no, the human brain I guess actually is more accurate. Because it can not break or anything. I dunno. What do you guys think?




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The human brain is faster than an ipad or computer by a long measure, and also way better at math. Computers can do brute force calculations fast, but anything past 5th grade math is usually past the limits of an ipad.


12.7 is a math


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