Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



Maltese = awe's sum

If awe's sum is 22 and Mal is 2, what's the value of tese.


20? idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A+ lol gud next kweschun

2(x2 - 3) = 12

What's the roots lol


I want to code but I need to finish my super duper awesomely amazing homemade card for my great grandpa's 90th birthday. :0 Okay I need yarn, scissors, colored pencils, card stock paper, markers, and candy (for motivation).

Let's do this.

Super easy math problem because I'm bored. XD

Let's say I make 300 cakes for my grandpa. Each cake has 3 layers, and each layer has 10 slices of cake. If my great grandpa eats 10 cakes, I eat 5 cakes, and my great grandpa's dog eats 150 cakes. How many slices of cake do we have left?

We like cake.



15x + 6 + 3 (7x - 5) = 6x + 11( x + 6) + 1

^@maltese AH I edited the last part, I had messed it up XD

(I'm doing this in my head in the car on vacation so there's a 99% chance the problem itself is messed up XD)

@intellection74 wow! Cool problem! I think I'll try to solve it :D



I'll answer yours and @Fishyguitars now yeyey

Edit: @Bananadog answering yours now :DD


@Fishyguitars is x = 3???


Is it 4050 slices? :D
(If so then that's a lot of cake XD)

And happy birthday to your great grandpa! That's amazing!!!! :)

@Maltese :+1: :D


Yeah! You're right. XD Great job.

Thank you!!


Ye. x = -3 also works but I'll let it slide lol


Ohh ok XD

@Bananadog I lost wifi I'll do it now lol

Edit: nope sorry can't solve that @Bananadog summer has taken my brain away XD


I feel evil so... :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Tell me the inflection point(s) of the following equations. If they don't have any, just say "none".

  1. y = ln ∣x∣
  2. y = (x - 1)3 + a (where a is any constant)
  3. y = 3(x - 2)(x - 5)(x - 10)2
  4. Ignore 3 idk the answers to that XD instead do 5.
  5. y = x3(x - 4)


Sorry I know this wasn't for me, but I got excited when I realized there was finally a problem I could possibly solve XD

X= 5

Y= 3

I'm probably wrong XD

  1. None.
  2. 1
  3. 1/12 (81±sqrt(561))
  4. 0,2

Done! :smiley:

Here's an algebra problem for anyone who wants to attempt it, if you want something easier or harder just say!
(x-1)2=(4 Sqrt(x-1) )2


Gud Buildy, gud.

i actually don't know the answers to 3 so lol i assume ur right XD


x = 17 I think



Hint: You really don't have to do any math to get this next solution, just think about it.


oh lol 1 i forgot


Wait. What!? It says 1.47712125 on my calculator.


Yeah, that's basically the same as log(30)
Why'd Buildy say ln(30)?