Math on Paper Compared to iPad (Addition, subtraction, algebra, etc.)



Hey guys! Today, we are creating a math topic. Here, you can talk about whatever level of math you want, from simple addition to calculus :stuck_out_tongue:
We aren't here to give you the answers to your homework, but I can definitely give you a nudge in the right direction if you want. Or if you don't understand a certain concept, we'll be happy to help :smiley: Also, coding requires math! Almost all my projects require some math. If you need help with math related to Hopscotch or coding, just ask here!

So, let's get the ball rolling.
PS: For any math lovers out there, I now have a blog. Most of it will be about Hopscotch and Coding, but a lot of it, including my latest post, is math :smiley:

Hopscotch homework help center
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Who loves math?

I don't get homework at all anyway lol


So, what math class are you guys in?


I am in 6th grade and doing 7th grade advanced math. Cool topic! I love math and I was on a math team!




There aren't many different ones

Just math and advanced math

I got in advanced


Also I did 3 mini mus. (Math comps)

And I'm going into 6th grade advanced next year yey


8th grade advanced :D


algebra uno intensified


@Bananadog @Bubbles4Ever929 So what are you learning in your class?


My school only has one math class for everyone
And it's advanced
You don't have a choice just a lot more studying if you're not too good at math


algebraing intensifies


I'm going into Geometry next year but currently i'm not in one (it's summer ppl XD)



It's summer for me, but I don't really know. I'll go check my math book

(We took it home for the summer)


I'm going into trig next year :0

My class is going to have like three people XD


I assume that is precalc?


it does and I m happy cause I'm advanced but sad because I m probably gonna fail XD


I am currently in the advanced logic class-center-thing. Its purty cool!


Trigonometry/algebra 2/whatever they want to call it. I'm taking precalc in 9th.


Idk yet because it starts this fall XD

Last year (7th grade advanced yay)
I did factoring, slope, fractions, some geometry, idk

(At my school they don't call it algebra something it's just "grade-advanced" or not advanced XD


wait trig is a math class
Lol at my school trig is just a part of geometry

I think don't yell at me cuz I'm not smart



Well I'm home ed but I when I was at school this was the school system...


GAMA- gifted and more able. <-------always been me for English and maths
Set 1.
Set 2.
Set 3.
Set 4.
Set 5.
And even to I'm home ed I've done tests and I'm higher than I was at school