Math blogs question


Hey guys.
I’d love to write an article on math topic, but I couldn’t find any decent relevant blogs.
Does somebody read good blogs (maybe math related, like science journals or smthng like that) where I can publish my article?

Here is an interesting fact instead of boring “thank you”:

If you divide any number by 7, and the answer isn’t an integer, you end up with the sequence 142857 recurring.

1/7 = .142857142857
3/7 = .428571428571
2/7 = .285714285714
6/7 = .857142857142
4/7 = .571428571428
5/7 = .714285714285



that’s so cool! i Love patterns in math! It truly is beautiful!

ps- for your question, i don’t really read math blogs… : /


In fact, the whole sequence appears twice and seems to be moved around( 142857142857)


That’s a neat fact! Keep making these math articles!


Hmm… I don’t really know or read any math blogs at all. Sorry!


I never knew that. That’s very neat! I think @JonnyGamer has a math topic somewhere.


Thats because the answer is rounded. If there were more decimals te pattern would occur more times.