Math Blocks in Hopscotch


This topic is to help anyone who doesn't know what math blocks do in hopscotch, or just needs a reference. Note: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division are not included. All the others are, though.

The random block is a way to pick random numbers. It is useful for things like random enemies in games, or randomly picked colors.

It is used like this in blocks:

Here's a breakdown of what the inputs do:

The Minimum is the lowest number the random number can be. This means that all the random numbers will be equal to or greater than this input.

The Maximum is the largest number the random number can be. A random number generated with this block will always be equal to or less than this number.

The minimum and maximum act like bounds for what the random number will be. It will always be between these 2 numbers.

The power block is a block that will multiply a number by itself a certain number of times. For example, 2 ^ 3 is 2 x 2 x 2, or 8.

It looks like this:

Here's a breakdown of its parts:

The base is the number that will be multiplied by itself. In 2 ^ 3, 2 is the base, since it is being multiplied by itself. The base ALWAYS comes first.

The exponent is the amount of times the base will be multiplied by itself. In 2 ^ 3, 3 is the exponent since it is how many times 2 is being multiplied by itself. The exponent can be a decimal or negative, but that's more complicated.

Note: This topic isn't finished yet. I am working on it.

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