Massive new update!


Cool! What kind of game?


An evolution game. Like Kizi evolution.


School iPad or district ipad


No I m asking you


This is a big change for Hopscotch and all of us! This will also make a big improvement in the projects we make!


I can't believe I haven't posted on this topic yet... well now I have XD

Great update, THT!


I made a project with the 4K clones, and self.

When you tap all of the clones, it says 4093, and not 4096.
I wonder why. Anyone know?


There's only 4093 clones because when THT says you can have 4096 clones, what the really mean is you can have 4096 objects total, including clones. The 3 other objects in your project take up 3 of the 4096, so you only have 4093 clones.


Wow really! Cool xD didn't know the actual texts and stuff counted as clones, but that does make sense. Thank you!


Wow, that's actually really interesting. ^^


Just made this with the new update:

It's really cool, and I think the community likes it! :smiley: it's getting its fair share of likes.


Oh wow, the clones were made so fast 8)


I didn't make anything too big, just a simple pattern. Eheh.





Wow, that's really cool!


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@NindroidGames Are you setting (clonses)cosine back to 0 somewhere else? If not, that would explain why you're only getting one dot after the first one.


Yeah... oops. Hehe. Thanks.


hi liza!

i just mentioned you in another topic, but i have a serious problem that may relate to this update.

i can't log in or create an account. it says i'm offline, which isn't possible, because i have three bars and have reset my router. i've tried everything, with no luck, including deleting and downloading the app multiple times.