Massive new update!


One bug is that it make sure objects disappear and it makes variables harder to use than in the old version.


Woohoo! Thanks @Liza my Fuzzy draw is working so much faster and it was published 3 weeks ago!


Is this a draft? If so what is the draft called?


Project of fun. And now it's on,y 1 & 2 not responding.


Alright, so 1 & 2 never respond and 3 only responds sometimes. I'm going to copy the draft and see if it changes anything.
EDIT: Nothing changed. And to get 3 to respond you have to tap in the middle of it.


update hype :DDDDD

I mean, late update hype i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm glad to see we can make more clones! the only problem is they have a better chance of taking over the hopscotch world :scream:


But clones are awesome.


yay! HS keeps getting more awesome!

even tho i don't really use it anymore


This update is awesome!

Hurray for clones XD


Why can't I get the update?
I'm on my school iPad
I can't get the iOS update for 10.1(or something like that)
Can I still get the update for hopscotch?


Yes. I have it on an iPhone 4S.


Wow, that's awesome! ^-^


I believe you need to have 10.2 for the update to work/install properly. :slight_smile:


Awwwwwww man


Uhhhhh, I can't install this awsum update because of my IPad. I cleaned 2 GB, but it says that a) you need 1,5 GB b) 2 GB isn't enough...
Sorry for being off-topic.


I have no more space for photos....


That is just for emojis i think


Ah, so I was wrong, then. Eheh, okay. Thanks!


100th reply! Now with self blocks, I can make an evolution game!


Do you have the literal App Store or a district or school based one?