Massive new update!



Umm.... Does this need a newer version cuz i have a lower one.


Cool stuff love it

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It looks awesome this update but I can't update. I have a school iPad and when I should update I need to write a password to my schools Apple ID and I don't know what it is.


@Rodrigo how does the "self" thing work? And what is it? I keep reading about it but I can't find much about it and I'm confused :no_mouth::no_mouth::thinking::neutral_face::slight_smile:


It might only be for me but it only gets me up to ~2700 before lagging like crazy.
Might need to fix that.


Required Version is 3.13.0


The Self character is the object that runs the code, whether it is an original object that has the code pasted from somewhere else or a clone from a different object.

Oh btw all objects share the same bright yellow variables.
(I have always been waiting for this kinda thing)


Probably depends on your device. One thing about the increase in clones is that you shouldn't expect to use 4 or 8 times as many clones without any performance implications. You may need to start looking for ways to optimize your Hopscotch code and if speed is something you care about, you may be best off not using all the clones you possibly could.


Wow, that´s really cool! I´ll check it out!


Made a cool Lightsaber project with the beta (didn't finish it until now)!

Here's the link:


It means that instead of saying "When Circle bumps Square" you can say "When Self bumps Square", and then every object that has that When or rule, it's going to behave the same way.

It's more variable than hard-coded.


Okay, thank you!

@Awesome_E thank you too :D


There are at least three projects on featured showing it off. I can exlain more later.


I found a bug: This timer used to work fine; the code would increase by 0.1 every 75 milliseconds.

Oddly enough, it shows up as an extremely long float:

I only added on .1 to a variable; I have no idea where the extra numbers are coming from. I'm using an iPad Air 1.


Thanks Rawrbear, we will try to fix that :slight_smile: this only affects older projects (before the latest app update)


Wow! This is AWESOME!! There are so sooo many new possibilities!! :sweat_smile::laughing:


Thank you as well! I'll try to find more bugs. ^^


Stop trolling, Phase. It's not funny.


I found a bug.


The clones that have self (moveses) 1, 2, & 3 don't respond to the second when.

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