Massive new update!


Btw Liza I don't get how to find the Self trait things. Are they preset variables or do they have to be defined yourself?

PS thanks again for restoring my Feature :blush:


The problem is I don't seem to have them. I tried a new draft but I didn't see anything different...


Good question!

There are two kinds of variables: :iphone:variables refer your screen (e.g. the x and y values of where it was last touched) and object variables refer a specific character, shape, image, or text (e.g. the x and y value of Chillana). You got that, though.

Each object variable can apply to a single, specific object or to "Self". When you add an object variable, it's automatically set to Self. You can change it to another object if you want.

There's no character variables for my game!

Oh right, okay!

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:


Oh wow this is


Random Tinkering


CoSine as always.


Of course!
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Good idea! I was so excited about the update, I just didn't put much detail into it, I just wanted to expirement with all the new features.



Something I made while experimenting with the "Self" feature (tap me to see)

Pretty simple, but it was just an experiment.

I love the new features you added! :D


This is crazy awesome!:grinning: I applause THT. :clap:


Can you please look at my new game called, clone factory tycoon. Here's the link if you would like to check it out. Game. Also here is a pic.


Testing the Self! It's awesome!
thanks @Montoya for the idea :wink:


Wow this is so cool!
Why does it say open in the App Store and not update??!
@Liza @Meg


That means you already have the new update. Isn't it great when that happens?!


No well I clicked the link (I don't have the update) and it just said open!
I don't even remember updating @Liza!


I made a small project similar to the fading spiral draw. It's simple, but I'm excited to explore the Self variables a little more in the future :smiley:

I love these new features!! Thank you for adding them!!


What Liza is saying is that the update automatically installed for you. :D


Already found a bug :wink:


Post it here, eheh.


It is in my bug topic (lol)