Massive new update!


Yeh! New Update!


Check out the new tutorial "New variables are :fire:" on your profile to get a quick introduction to the new features!

With it you can now make cool emoji draw projects like this one:


Cool update! I would've made a project if I was still on Hopscotch. XD


And here's a more complex project showing what you can do with "self" and clones:


That's a cool project. I like it.


Spiral/fading phone Draw!


This is so cool!
argh I missed the 22nd like awww


Ooh, I can't wait to experiment with all of these new features :smiley: Sounds like an amazing update!!


Yaaaas a new update!
One thing- I'm logged in to the same account on 2 different devices, my iPhone with iOS 9.5 or something (idk for sure) and my iPad at iOS 10.2...I updated it ok my iPhone. Does that also automatically update it on my iPad too? (With a different iOS)


It depends on your iPad settings. Look for Hopscotch in the App Store and see if there's an update available :slight_smile:


Oh okay! :D


But.. what if the project doesn't have a screenshot..??


Here is what I made: it's a bubbblewrap popper. It's pretty simple, I was just testing out the self thingy.

I :heart:️ the update!


Cool pad!


I dont see anything different except the naming. Is it because I'm viewing it and testing it on an old project?


Can you republish it to give it a new screenshot?


Probably. They have made it so one gravity value can be the entire gravity for different items.


nu @kvj raced me to the first like..


Oh so cool! What do you think about adding a pop sound after a bubble is popped?


Yes, these new features only apply to new projects.