Massive new update!


It’s here. A massive Hopscotch update has dropped, bringing you the power of self, 4K clones, and much more:

  • Values are now called variables and we’ve made them much easier to use.
  • Speaking of superpowers, we’ve been hard at work on making Hopscotch faster and smoother. Now you can use over 4,000 clones - take that, spiral draw!
  • If you’ve seen the new emoji in iOS 10.2, you know that they’re pretty sweet. You can use them in your text objects too!

Download it ASAP from the App Store, and start making something awesome:!-learn/id617098629?mt=8

We’re going to be featuring projects that show off some of the new features, especially new variables (“self”) and clones galore! If you made projects on the beta, please unpublish and republish, and then put the link here!

Keep in mind some of the things we look for when featuring:
* Is the screenshot pretty and exciting?
* Is the project fun to play?
* Does the code run smoothly?

Of course, if you find any bugs or problems with the new version, please file a report in the forum or email!

"Self" Block? Am I Missing Something?

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first like and reply!


Nice! Installing the update now! Can't wait to make that project. ^^


This is going to be the best update ever!!


Do you want the OMTL by chance?


...well not the BEST but ONE of de best!!!


This will be awesome!
I'm definitely going to try it out when I get my account back.




Once I'm done wh my homework the first thing I'm doing is going on hs I AM SO EXCITED FOR MY BFFS THE VARIABLES


U said it.


i luv how dats in meh autocorrect


Cool beans my dude.




You weren't first.......?


Hey Liza
Can you help me?

I'm sorry if this is off-topic or annoying


This is awesome @Liza! Thank you so much THT!


YAAAAAY!!! You made a topic for this! Here is what I have made (and published) so far:


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