Mass Tagging New Policy


It has recently come to my attention (Thanks @Curved_Guitar!) That people are really abusing these 'giant list of tag' things, which really isn't fair. It defeats the purpose of tagging and is pretty annoying to be constantly tagged. Tagging should only happen when you are directly referencing a specific person, not just to get attention for your thread.

From now on, I'm going to say that these 'ultra tag lists' are flaggable as spam, and I along with the rest of the mods will delete any we see. If you have a giant tag list you have posted in the past, before this topic, then we'll delete it but it won't count against you in flags. If you post a giant tag list from now on, then it will count towards your flags.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask em here!

Mass Tag Lists Problem

I feel important and than bam I feel even more miserable, great idea


@BuildASnowman is it okay if we tag a little people that we have confirmed with that they like to be tagged?
Like a tag list like:


Why did you tag them


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


@PercyJackson9 those people were tagged for example purposes.


Yeah this spam I will flag


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Thank you for officially stating this :wink:


Only a little bit, not much.


I have a question! Sometimes, I use a tag list for important stuff. is it OK if i use a smaller one? I use one with about 15 people, and its the people who are active, who usually reply to my topics anyway, and actually liked to be tagged. is that OK? and is inviting a lot of people (for reasons) OK?


Btw, I


to be tagged! Especially when i am specifically tagged! So im fine being on any list!!!


Yes it is okay if you use a small list, just as long as you don't overdose it, like medications. You take the right amount and you are fine, but overdosing causes problems :wink:


Got it!!!! You will make such a good leader @PopTart0219! i really think you should be premoted. you are so helpful!


It's ok if people tag me


You are so helpful @PopTart0219! You should really be a leader!


Thanks, everyone who wants me to be leader. Really made my day :blush:


You really should you're nice, awesome, helpful, very very juice................ Here's a cookie for you


Amen. I appreciate this because:

(1) Mass-tagging is rude. It's not as bad as the kid who was posting random letters, but it's up there. The original intention may not be rude at all. It could just be friendly excitement. But its effect is undeniably rude. It totally disregards and disrespects the wishes of not just one tagged individual but of an entire community of them. For this reason, alone, I feel that the "flaggable" status of mass-taggings is so OBVIOUS that it needs no official sanction and that none of us needs to question our freedom to flag them. It's just common sense. I just happen not to have done it from the beginning, because I didn't want to seem harsh.

(2) Tolerating mass-tagging on this forum sends the wrong message to young people who are still learning what is and what is not socially acceptable behavior. If we do not have rules in place that teach this, we are creating sociopaths. It's just like a garden. You don't plant the weeds, but they show up. So, you gotta go pull 'em out. It's your garden. If you don't pull the weeds out, then you are, in fact, the weed-gardener. Who wants to be a weed gardener? :laughing:

A little story about tagging

Let me tell you something...

I once got rudely spoken to and accused, myself, of rudeness by the kid who calls himself or herself something with "magma" in his or her name for using a tag in front of his or her name in a thread, when I was, in fact, speaking positively and specifically of him or her. Not only that, in that case, I was actually paying a compliment to Mr. or Mrs. POP. What a disappointing, narcissistic response I got! And I was actually being nice.

Quite the opposite of a mass-tag. I resolved then - in that very instant - that I would never, ever, EVER(!) "tag" that individual again, having learned his or her preferences and because of the snarky response I got. But I still believe that that situation had a lot more to do with other people abusing this trumpet call than with my proper and considerate use of it.

I try to use tagging as a courtesy - not as a call for attention. But, again, I am not a child. I have only learned these things called "manners" through experience. Yes, they kinda make sense, they come-in handy and they keep things from blowing-up in our faces. This is exactly why, when I recently posted a Hopscotch programming-related topic that I felt would be quite good for everyone and constructive for the community - even then I refrained from using a mass-tagging campaign to draw attention to it.

I have asked nicely, multiple times - often using the word "please" three or more times in a single sentence. But that was just a choice. I could have chosen differently. With or without any new policy, I will immediately flag ANY post that includes me in a long list of tag targets on something that I probably don't need to know about.

On the flip side, if someone ever has something nice to say, or an idea or a question or a request that they really want to share with me, specifically, I will respond kindly and decently to it, regardless of whether I am interested in the subject or not.

My point being, there are manners to be applied on BOTH sides of this issue. That's MY policy.




Okay so I will trash mine! I am sorry!