Mass Tag Lists Problem


Why can't I post mass tag lists? Everyone else does it and it's not fair! I don't care if it's official. Why do I keep being flagged because of that? It's annoying! @KVJ did it in his topic and everyone else does it. It's not fair!!!


One sec let me get the link to the tag list.


Use this


I'm sorry you think it's unfair :frowning:
However, due to the fact that not everyone wants to be tagged, there is only one allowed tag list, PopTart0219's Official Mass Tag List. It's a list that you can sign up on, and then copy to other topics to gain attention. Any other tag lists can be flagged as spam.


What @CreationsOfaNoob said

Some people might not want to be tagged!


I think @KVJ used the fmtl. It's from when I was inactive. And the omtl is better.


Um hi.

I haven't used it in a while but just copy it from Poptart's topic


Only in my old Topics before the omtl :wink:


Yeah I know.


"HappyPerson" please don't overeact, you've been getting flagged for mass tagging because:
1. Your not using the official tag list.
2. People told you to not do that and you did it again a few minutes later.

And people who have tag lists are probs cause of the tag list topic for making your own tag lists.


Stahp. Everything is done for a reason. You didn't use the updated one and you used it not right.


@Kiwicute2013 what is so bad about making mass tag lists instead of using the OTML? It makes no sense!


It's because people don't want to be tagged unless they add themselves, and there's only one official list.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense XD


So if people don't wanna be tagged then they can ignore it. Boom.


Being tagged can be annoying. Especially if it's heaps of times.

And please be nice, saying "boom" like that is offensive :0


Sorry. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings! You like being tagged! Right?


That's alright. Just try to think before you post :D

Well, I added myself, but I might take myself off... I get a million tags a day XD


Hey, @HappyPerson, the reason is people were really abusing mass tags, and some people only want to be tagged when it directly applies to the person (like me XD). This topic shows why it was banned (the OMTL is allowed, though).