Mass Idea Topic

So I thought about it, and you know what people need all the time?


This topic is based on how we created the old Idea List of Your Plausible Doom, where there’s a ton of ideas dropped in one huge list! It was generated by a bunch of different people in the span of a little while. But it’s pretty old now, and it’s just not good enough. :joy:

So here’s a new topic for every idea: it’s a mass idea list topic! :D
This is much different than an

Here’s how this will work:

  1. Think of something crazy. Just use your imagination! This is a judgement free topic! :brain::zap:
    • It can be an idea, topic, food, joke, meme, image, etc.! As long as it’s appropriate and random, it’ll work! :bulb: = :open_book:, :sandwich:, :laughing:, :cityscape:, …
    • It doesn’t even have to be an idea! You could find and post a random image on the internet! Maybe it’ll give someone inspiration for their next project! (To prevent image spam, please read rule three!) :camera:
    • It doesn’t have to even be crazy or random. Think of your favorite place or your favorite art style, or your least favorite subject in school, etcetera! Just think of anything! Base your idea off of a real game or YouTube video!
  2. Put your idea or thought in a reply! :speech_balloon:
  3. Repeat the brainstorming process! Add more and more ideas to your reply. :loop:


  1. :speaking_head: Please take discussion and chat into other topics, like the current YCTAYHCH topic, so we can really concentrate on filling this topic with ideas, like an actual idea list. :+1:
  2. :white_check_mark: Post anything that follows Hopscotch’s Community Guidelines! If you think your idea might break a rule, don’t post it!
  3. :1234: Try to put at least two good ideas in your reply so that we fill this topic up to the brim with ideas!
  4. :repeat: Try your best not to write down the same idea twice, and try not to use others’ ideas more than once!
  5. :sunrise_over_mountains: Please don’t only post random images. Try to post only one or two images every hour or so at max! This is to prevent image spam! Try using your imagination and thinking of random things, too. Images are worth a thousand words, but one word has the power to spark a great idea for someone too!
  6. :blush: Don’t judge others’ ideas, and don’t judge others for their ideas! Anything can turn out to be a spark of inspiration for someone, even if it’s just a word. You might not think an idea is good, but I’m sure someone else will!
  7. :link: Try your hardest to continue a consistent chain of ideas, and try not to break the chain! Like rule 1, but it’s a challenge for everyone to see how long an idea chain will last!

Thanks for reading the rules! :smile:
Let’s start this topic out with a bunch of ideas at once, so people can get good ideas of what to make!!
And remember, try not to talk in this topic! Or at least keep chatter really brief, and add a bunch of ideas to your reply to make up for it. :slight_smile:


I’ll start off the brainstorming chain:

  • Hopscotch in Hopscotch (a classic!)
  • Rainforest music
  • My Pet Bird
  • Hotel Manager
  • Untitled Goose Game
  • Untitled Soccer Physics
  • Sesame Street gone south
  • YouTube video player but in Hopscotch
    • Chillanna snowboards down a mountain… while holding her snowboard!
    • Hopscotch tutorial in a Hopscotch YouTube video in Hopscotch! :joy:
  • Bear’s very own music video!
  • Going to school… but it’s a horror game!
  • 3D modeling in Hopscotch
  • Chillanna Ski game!
  • Doodle Jump!

Super cool.
It’s kinda like this?



  • blow up the cheese simulator
  • animation of an iPhone cracking

Yeah! Just make sure you keep posting ideas when you talk here, like this:
(This is pretty strict, or else the topic is not as organized!)

  • Moonwalking
  • Is the moon made of cheese?
  • 1+2=3 right?
  • Biking simulator
  • Animal Crossing in Hopscotch

coincidence? I think not

  • design an emoji
  • mow the lawn
  • koala art

Atari Breakout
Thinking Simulator



walking sim

wood creaks
walk on water
walk on mars
make money while you walk

  • JS in hopscotch!
  • HTML in hopscotch!
  • Python in hopscotch!

Scratch in Hopscotch
Tynker in Hopscotch

  • tankt2016 is Nobody confirmed
  • Hiking simulator
  • Spike simulator
  • Sonic the Hedgehog in Hopscotch
  • Super cool wave effect background

Feel free to come by here and add ideas when you’re super bored, or out of them yourself! Your own brainstorming helps yourself and others :)

  • Undertale
  • Uppertale
  • Lowertale
  • Tale of Zelda
  • A fangame of your favorite video game
  • Your favorite music video remade in Hopscotch


  • leftertale
  • diagonallyupandleftertale

Oh and also try to add more than one idea to your post! So that there’s always two ideas at a time haha

  • Rightertale
  • Evenlowertale
  • Depths of the Monster Kingdom
  • Mario Kart Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
  • Mario Kart Tour in Hopscotch

Mario Oddesy but the whole game is in invisible ink
Animal Crossing-New Horizons but the whole game is in invisible ink
Undertale but the whole game is in invisible ink


Oh man this is throwing me back to when I did this so long ago

  • Super Invisible Mario
  • Super Sonic but he’s way bigger than the level
  • Destroy the Game
  • Memorize the Path
  • Simon Says

Thanks for the idea


It’s kinda almost a duplicate of that yeah lol


Yeah!! Just remember to add at least two more ideas to your reply if you ever talk regularly in here :+1:

  • Coins hurt you when you collect them
  • dodge the obstacles top-down pg
  • Zelda in Hopscotch? Please make this :joy: