Mass Idea Topic [1]

Thank you!

  • The apocalypse
  • Space Invaders
  • Galaga
  • Draw My Thing/
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Best video game ever :ok_hand:t3:

Color journal
Falling simulator
Fun facts about a Hop
Cooking with @/FearlessPhoenix

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Cooking with a hop of your choice
A simulator but it’s not a simulator


Goat games and @sophia collab game

Chicken game

Rodeo Stampede

  • losing internet sim
  • trail art of the Statue of Liberty or Taj Mahal-some significant landmark
  • guacamole :avocado: game

Nice ideas!

  • -1 vs 1 fighting game
  • Testing123
  • Find the elephant in the room

Find the needle in the haystack
Find the hay in the needlestack

Conveyor belt simulation with collisions


• Going to Mars simulator
• Tower Defense but with random HS character as enemies
• Platformer game but use your finger instead of arrow keys (left, right, and jump)

I hope it works like this

@Rishan69420, looks good! You’ve got the right idea!

  • Find the hay in the haystack
  • Find the needle in the needlesta- oh wait
  • Thomas the Tank Engine?
  • Percy the Tank Engine
  • I need to stop repeating myself simulator
  • I need to st- oh ok who am I kidding now
  • Restaurant sim but it’s the opposite - you come in to serve the food to the waiters and staff

These are really weird ideas…

  • Text cross out simulator
  • Random Christmas songs on loop for twenty four hours
  • Dog petter tapper game
  • Life cycle of moldy food (in timelapse)

• Tower Defense but you’re the attacker
• First 100 digits of PI
• Water cycle animation
• School simulator
• Shopping simulator
• “I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you” meme
• Finger speed movement tracker
• A whole game with just one text object (use clones)
• Make a TV
• Make a computer
• Bear pixel art, but it goes from very low resolution to very high resolution
• Noisemaker (those things at parties which you blow into and make a loud, aggravating sound)
• Minecraft pixel art

Not too many ideas...

Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb

Purple Simulator
Autotuned bee maker
Turtle saver sim

  • Tic Tac Toe Supreme
  • Quick maths
  • Game over simulator

Man, I need to not like posts before reading them. I do that sometimes on this topic and I shouldn’t’ve liked the post one above mine… I’m ashamed of it

  • Burn the cookies sim
  • weird noises combo
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cant you unlike it? (at least you can within like 20 minutes of liking it)

  • airplane flyer simulator
  • lightbulb turning on and off animation
  • windy day simulator
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  • Find nobody the game
  • Granny
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• Don’t make @grandma mad
• HSB & RGB converter
• Little Einsteins
• Color journal (like where you save a color and the date and can go back and look at it)