Mars topic (red planet) (Martians?) (Olympus mons)

Hello. This is not a Mars topic. This is secret directions to a game chest (if u don't know what those are look at news here><) if you found this just by luck, congrats! If you beat my mystery scene, ur good at solving mysteries! Futuretown will be proud! Here's directions to a game chest:
1. Go to hopscotch
2. Go to the community
3. Open search
4. Tap hopscotchers
5. Search "stormtrooper no."
6. Click on "stormtrooper no. 150​:robot:"
7. You found a small game chest!


I would do this but I don't feel like remixing projects.

U don't have to remix them for giveaways, you just have to like the giveaway projects!

Well, ppl who find this, you'll have to wait until search is back up....

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I'm gonna have a go at this once search is back up

Yeah....even me......