Mars opposition/eclipse topic! (AKA the topic where Mr.rex is sad cause misinformation)


So if you didn’t know, today there’s gonna be an eclipse in certain places but no matter where you live (I think) Mars will look as big as the moon around midnight tonight. This Mars things only happens every 30-thousand-something years, and this will be the first time it’s happened while the human race exists. That’s right, the last time it happened, humans didn’t exist yet. So this is like once-in-a-thousand-lifetimes. So I’d recommend getting your telescope and asking your parents if you can stay up until midnight. If they don’t believe you, show them an article about it. Even if you don’t get to see it, I’ll post some pictures if I can. And also the eclipse is pretty cool.

Anyway, not many people know of this, and I wanted to spread word since it’s such an amazing celestial event.



What timezone are you refferring to?



Look at the article idk


Article? what news site?


Look I don’t know just a sec


3:50 a.m. EDT it says

I’m not exactly sure what EDT stands for…


Oh, EDT stands for eastern time! I thought it would have been EST


Eastern daylight time. It is the time zone for New York city (and many other places) during daylight savings time I think.


yes, it is the time zone that the east coast is on. :)


Mars will not appear to be the same size as the moon, and the last time mars was this close was 15 years ago. To quote CBS News:


That means that “the mars thing” has never happened before.


What is the eclipse called?


It’s called a sellenion,and it’s happened here in NZ already! I couldn’t see it.


I saw it! I sent an email to my MS science teachers too…


The moon was yellowy as it rose and it got paler through the night. Mars was a speck of amber southeast from the moon.


Yes, I saw it this morning (In Australian time) at 4:20! It was so beautiful! It looked like red ink staining the moon when it was forming…


Okay smarty pants

Don’t to reply this or else we’ll start a flame war


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Ok so everyone here might just see me as the Star Wars Obsessed person here but, I do know quite a bit about real space and the rest of the dark universe we live in.

  1. You cannot see Mars without telescope "up close’ no mutter what year it is.
  2. Lunar Eclipses happen all the time like every year there’s another eclipse. So it isn’t that exciting unless you were born yesterday and this is your first eclipse, but that applies to none of you.
  3. Also today in the Northern Hemisphere you will be able to see Polaris, no one is going crazy bout that. I don’t see why eclipses are so important to a community for a coding app.
  4. Not everyone was able to see the eclipse so making a topic about it might make them feel worse about themself.
  5. Go to Fan Fusion in MN next weekend on Saturday and logo for Rey in her Scavenger outfit wearing glasses and feel free to ask if she’s ever been to Yavin 4. That will be me k? k.


Aw shame