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The topic for all of my games, updates, and bug reports!

Upcoming Games

Fallen Reboot
Brainscapes Reboot
Taptap Reboot
GoodEater 2
HopDash Reboot

Beta Games

A Cuphead fangame in early stages. A fun shooter, obstacle dodging, boss pummeling experience!

Current Games


Complete Games

Cash Clicker - World
A fun Cash Clicker spinoff where you click away at some cash and explore a large variety of worlds.
Cash Clicker
The classic coin-clicking game.

Pending Games

Untitled Roguelike
A fun wave-based roguelike to play for hours.

Tag me for any bugs you experience in my games. I will do my best to try and patch them as quickly as possible. Please note that it’s not very likely I’ll fix bugs for games that are in the Complete Games/Pending Games sections or aren’t listed in this topic at all.
Not all the names for my games are what I’m going to stick with. If you think of a better name, feel free to recommend it! I’m open to hearing new suggestions. I’ll also consider adding features you want to see in my games, so if you want to see something new, whether an update, feature, or an entire new game, just post!

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So Squarehead and his pal Circleman, they like to roll the dice
By cha-

Oops :sweat_smile: (hehe totally wasn’t listening to that awesome barbershop quartet)
Well as you can probably tell, this is a Cuphead rip-off fan game. There a is a placeholder arena, along with some mobility options, a seemingly peaceful boss, a cringey “you died!” screen, and two weapons (you can switch between weapons by tapping the black square to the right): the Peashooter and Converger!
Link to the first draft is here:

In the next few drafts, I hope to change my 10-minute physics into smoother Platformer physics, add boss attacks, add a victory screen, polish the “you died!” screen, polish the weapons, add a super meter, change the swap weapon + jump button appearances, make the shoot icon change with whatever weapon you’ve equipped, add a title screen with the song “Don’t Deal With The Devil” playing and lyrics showing as text, add parries, and potentially, add music. (Whew! What a sentence.)

Also, there is a bug where the converger loses a bullet if you get close to Planstaro (I know, the name’s bad >:[) and then loses another one (don’t know how it’s reproduced). I’ve tried fixing this bug in a few ways, but it’s still present. If you know how to fix it by looking through the code, please reply and tag me.
@I_Cant_Code @KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon99810725 @PizzaStudios


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Took a lil’ screenshot of part of my Google Tasks page for Squarehead

Oh boi, you can tell this one’s a passion project :smirk: (I swear, I could take 3 more screenshots and it wouldn’t cover everything I wrote down (and the page isn’t even done yet, there’s still a bunch more tasks, details, and subtasks I still have to add))


I’ve just released Squarehead’s second draft!
This draft adds a new weapon, a semi-solid platform, a super meter, and in general, lots more polish.
New weapon: Hunter
-The Hunter will track down foes and take them out. With reduced dps, however, this isn’t always the best choice. Great for concentrating on dodging attacks while dealing damage.
-The Hunter looks jittery, and that is because I had to change some bugged code (bugged for unknown reasons). The code was supposed to go:
When game is playing,
Check once if self clone index =/ (assume that is the little not equal to symbol) 0:
Set position to x ( “self x position + ( ( ( “self x position” - “destination x position” ) / ( “self x position” - “destination x position” ) ) x “10” ) ) y ( “self y position + ( ( ( “self y position” - “destination y position” ) / ( “self y position” - “destination y position” ) ) x “10” ) )
I don’t know why this doesn’t work. When the bullets reach the enemy’s y position, only some of them will stop changing y values. If anybody knows why, please tell me.
Semi-solid platform:
-This platform is a placeholder, as well as the physics. Just thought it was worth implementing before polishing physics.
Super meter:
-There will be a super button added in the game. When the super meter is full, you can press the button to launch a short but powerful attack.
Link to the project is here:

In the next few drafts, I hope to change my 10-minute physics into smoother Platformer physics, add boss attacks, add boss phases, add boss animations, add a victory screen, polish the “you died!” screen, add a super, add a super button, add a crouch button, change the jump button appearance, polish the jump action, add a title screen with the song “Don’t Deal With The Devil” playing and lyrics showing as text, add parries, add an “Inkwell Isle 1”, add more bosses, add a tutorial, add an intro, add Elder Triangle’s house, and potentially, add music. (Wow it’s longer)
@KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon99810725 @anon48673151 @RoadOcean @Bluvi @Cobalt_Phoenix @Dragonsarereal @KingGuin87

Bug is still present, but converger now only loses one projectile. If you know how to fix this, please reply and tag me.


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Untitled RPG
Hey guys! You’ve probably noticed in my Upcoming Games section that there was a project titled “A Nameless RPG” that I haven’t mentioned in the slightest. Well, it’s time you finally learn about it!
Untitled RPG is an action-packed roguelike (yes, I know, RPG and roguelike are two different game genres, I’ll change the name later) based off of Brotato where you fight tons of enemies in time-based waves by moving around and upgrade your character in-between rounds. Here are some of the features in the game so far:
A joystick
An attack
Enemies you can defeat
Features you can expect in the next version:
A wave system
A health bar
More enemies

Also, just to make it clear, I was going to call it Untitled Roguelike but then sls’s USG came out and I didn’t want anybody calling the name a ripoff although it clearly isn’t, I reverted it back because “A Nameless RPG” just doesn’t sound good.

Play the game here:

Also, good news! Squarehead’s Hunter issue has been fixed, using the following simple strand of code:
When game is playing
Check once if (“self” clone index) =/ 0:
Set position x ( ( (“self” x position) + ( (“destination” x position) - (“self” x position) ) ) ) and same goes for y. This code is very simple, as opposed to the previous line of code.
(Tagging both beta + announcements)
@I_Cant_Code @KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon99810725 @PizzaStudios @anon48673151 @RoadOcean @Bluvi @Cobalt_Phoenix @Dragonsarereal @KingGuin87
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Wow, shoot it’s been a while
Well uhhhh
Double Beta Time!!!
Yup, that’s right! New drafts for both Squarehead and Untitled Roguelike!
Let’s start with Squarehead.
New Features:

  • Proper title screen!
    The game now includes a partially finished title screen where you can chill with Squarehead and Circleman, then start playing the game.
  • New attacks!
    The boss now throws a variety of attacks at your face, completely covering the screen like Hilda Berg would do!
  • New phases!
    The boss now has two of his three phases!
  • New boss appearance!
    The game’s only boss (so far) has a new look! Check it out in game!
  • New arena!
    The boss’s arena was reformed a little in this update.
  • Fixed Hunter weapon!
    The Hunter will now smoothly dart towards the boss!
  • Converger bug fix!
    The bug where the Converger would lose a bullet when getting too close seems to have been fixed in this version? I still don’t know why it would occur, or how it fixed itself.

Now, onto the Untitled Roguelike!

  • Wave system!
    This game now has a wave system, where enemies will spawn faster over the waves and new ones will appear. Every wave is 25 seconds!
  • New Enemies!
    Here’s a brief list of the enemies in the game.
    1: Goblin
    2: Speedy Goblin
    3: Mage Goblin
  • Health Bar!
    Now you have a health bar in the game! It never really runs out, as when your health is at zero, a sliver of the bar will be left.

And that’s pretty much it! Go check out these two awesome betas here:
@KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon99810725 @anon48673151 @RoadOcean @Bluvi @Cobalt_Phoenix @Dragonsarereal @KingGuin87


Huge Untitled Roguelike update coming soon, stay tuned ;]


Untitled Roguelike!
Untitled Roguelike’s second draft has just dropped, and the additions may be simple, but they make the game so excessively enjoyable it’s hard to stop (I myself couldn’t stop playing it in drafts). But, what could I have possibly added that makes the game so replayable and fun? Simple: Upgrades, the main way to progress through the game!
New features:

  • Upgrades!
    Upgrades are now in the Untitled Roguelike! These upgrades are the following:
    Attack Damage, which makes your attack stronger
    Regen, which makes you regenerate more health per round
    Attack Size, which makes your aura of blue and whatnot
    You can purchase this upgrade in the in-between wave shop. And speaking of which…
  • Upgrade Time!
    After every wave, you get to upgrade your untitled character. All the enemies previously on screen disappear. It’s a chill time where you can check out which wave is next, check your coin balance… wait, coins?!
  • Coins!
    Enemies will drop coins when defeated. You can get near these coins to collect them, or have them come to you at the end of a round.
  • UI!
    Ah, sweet sweet UI.
  • New Enemy!
    The bot! (He blows up)

This may not seem like much, but these additions take the game to the point where it’s fun. echo echo echo
Play the game here:
@KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon99810725 @anon48673151 @RoadOcean @Bluvi @Cobalt_Phoenix @Dragonsarereal @KingGuin87


Currently working on a sequel to GoodEater, let me know what y’all think of the title screen

(Don’t worry, the player tilts around and it looks satisfying)
(Also, I made all the objects slide in after one another)
@KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon99810725 @anon48673151 @RoadOcean @Bluvi @Cobalt_Phoenix @Dragonsarereal @KingGuin87


looks good so far! but since most of the buttons are on the left, the middle looks empty, maybe you can put something else there or move some of the buttons?


I just realized, Untitled Roguelike is the only project with Roguelike in its name in hs…


I apologize for inactivity, but you can expect the full release of Untitled Roguelike and more Squarehead soon! :]

BUMPI love doing this lol