Mario tapper 0.4.0


I know I said I wouldn't but I have a problem with releasing updates to quickly! Well anyway Mario tapper 0.4.0 comes in with a BANG!
Change log:
-added workers
-added day and night feature
-added two more items in the shop
-lots of bug fixes

Link is below


Super cool!
But maybe keep all your posts about games in one topic because it's starting to clog the forums! :D


I was about to say that. XD


I'm learning new to the forums


It's ok!

Just a tip for the future! :D @Bomb_sauce!
Maybe keep all things related to your Mario Tapper in this topic from now on! :D


Yeah I just figured out you can edit it and I'm looking owing for a better name •—•


Cool! Next time though, just make one topic about just Mario Tapper!