Mario coding partner

Hello! I want to make a Mario kart game! The only problem is that I need someone to help me. Is anyone interested?

Here are the requirements:
Can you code things to move on their own without coding every movement?
Can you make backgrounds that move?
Do you have the subscriber thing?(you don't have to have this, just wondering)
How long have you been coding on hopscotch?
How often are you on Hopscotch?
How do you think you would do coding a project like this?

Please fill this out!


I would but... I'm 3 updates behind and I can't update my Hopscotch :expressionless:

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I can
2 1/2 years
Every day
Lots of control flow and values

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Congrats! Your in! When would be a good time to start on the project?

Sorry for late reply, we can start now!

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Okay, let's start with the racers. Should they be emojis or should we just have a car?