MareJCS has been suspended and their name has changed


MareJCS (now @anon6876341)

Has been suspended.
Their name has changed as well.
Is this what happens? When one gets suspended, do their name get changed?
I’m a little nervous about when I’ll be suspended.
I probably will get suspended.
Reply with your thoughts, I guess…


Ya I’ve seen it!!!:grimacing:


What did he do though?


They got flagged too much, I’m guessing.


Yeah, but why would his name be changed???


Im not sure…it’s probably a thing they do when people get banned.


But @player s and @bae s never changed


Hmm maybe it’s a new thing?

Wait let me try something


Yeah that didn’t work.
Idk I’m really confused


Yeah, that can happen when people get banned. I’m not sure if it automatically happens, but I think so. I’d advice not drawing attention to this, though. It, cause unnessecary drama.


wait so is he banned?

So if hes suspended you will come back in a couple of weeks/day/???

and if hes banned he’ll come back in like 1,000 years?? (so a long time)


Well they call it suspended…
But they say suspended for 1000 years

Which is pretty much banned lol xP

unless you wait 1000 years.

but I bet mare will make an alt.


lol yeah

and yeah he probably will.


It’s been that way XD

I think it’s people who get suspended that keep their name, but if you get banned, your name is changed.


Guys please use they/them pronouns


guys mare is a girl

hence the mare

gosh no one knows anything about horses today


Wait…I though Mare said he was a boy


Mare was a girl. Proof: she said she still hadn’t started her period and her doctor did as long as she starts it in the next 2 years.


thats just proof theyre biologically a girl, i believe mare identified as nb and used they/them pronouns :slight_smile:


Oh…irdk. I knew they were ace…that’s about it.


I think that this might be an automatic process since the forum got updated a few days ago by Discource (the company that codes the forum). I am not sure though.