Manatee Thing that could possibly be hopscotchified!



So while on the internet (the BEST invention), I found this super awesome and cute comic strip called 'Man vs Manatee'. It's HILARIOUS and this is just a sample of one of the comics:

So it's just basically about life as Manatees. One comic a week. Here's the link if you want to read it (starts at the VERY FIRST Man vs Manatee comic):


What has this got to do with hopscotch again? It looks good though!!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I said it had nothing to do with Hopscotch. But I love it. Here's another one of my favorites:


Maybe you could make a project out of it!

That would keep it on topic!


Yeah! I could do it with art and a parody!


@Kiwicute2016 halp us


What do you mean? Well, I know what you mean as 'halp' but...


What is going on @Sparkczy


If you find a way to Hopscotchify this, then I won't close this topic.


On the hopscotch app I have started working on a project about this so


I'LL TRY TO! (quoting some kung-f_u movies) I WON'T FAIL YOU, MASTER (uh..maybe not master but)


Oh cool @Candycane ! Can we collab or is it just art?


Um well, it is taking me a long time as my iPad is really low and I am charging it as I work but it is art.


Oh ok. I can do half if you want


We could Hopscotchify this into a movie! Great idea! Wonder Womanatee…:smile:


Hahah! I am currently trying to code a manatee...but it's terrible! XD


ANYONE WANTS TO WORK ON MANATEES:THE MOVIE? That's the only thing I could think of for a manatee movie... :sweat_smile:


You should try asking @SmilingSnowflakes or @Kiwicute2016 for help. :wink:
I understand coding a manatee, it seems hard, once the boy on this account used Leave-A-Trail art and made a terrible drawing with it. :flushed:


I think @SmilingSnowflakes can do a manatee. She's really good with trails!


How about naming it "Marvel Manatees: [title name should vary]"?:wink: