Maltese's Forum Anniversary!


Oh shoot.


Well, it's come by so fast. And time flies by when you're having fun, hence, I had lots of fun here.

  • The Maltese edits
  • Procrastination Enterprises
  • "c:" hearts/ "c:" takeover
  • smol hole
  • €: :£ @Candycane
  • everyone changing their profile pictures to frosty XD

Ah, good times..

And, most of all, getting to know the community better. I've had lots of changes in my life since this day, and so has the forum. But it's still been the happy place it's always been.

And even though I've left hopscotch, the memories of the app still astonish (and frighten) me to this day.

I'd like to thank everyone here for brightening up my day when I wasn't feeling so happy about myself or my life :,) (which is a lot) and giving me good advice.

Thanks everyone for a great year, and beyond! ! !!! !! !!!! !! ! !!!

(By the way, my cake's not showing because the system says I joined on April 6th, although for me it says April 5th.)


this is great, happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary! Thanks for always being a great role model!


Thank you! You're an awesome role model too.

And thanks too @ColorlessCanvas!



Wait what it's mine to wow I didn't even realize


My gosh

I just remembered you have the same anniversary as me XD




Thanks for nice topic!


I haven't been on in forever wow
I just had an impulse to check back in and yours was the first topic that caught my eye. Happy forum anniversary! This is truly a great day. :D
May it be filled with lots and lots of procrastination and "c:"s


Wow! That's amazing! Congrats, Malty!


Wow!! I'm so glad you checked in now! XD


Happy Anniversary! You are really an amazing forumer, and I understand that you have done a lot for it. You were always very kind and calm, and if THT ever decided to choose leaders again, I bet that you would be chosen! Congratulations!


Wow, thank you so much!! I appreciate it like you would never know!


Wow Malty!!! Happy anniversary! :D I'm so happy you joined this forum, and you've been a great friend to me!


Congratulations, Maltese!

Your anniversary is on National Walking Day. Celebrate. Go for a walk.



National Walking Day? Really? XD

I can fake walk but I can't go outside





@codingCupcake123 thanks! And you're an awesome friend too since my first day! I asked you if your profile picture was your dog. Remember? XD


I remember the first day you joined, everyone immediately fell in love with you! :D



My first post was on a twinning topic and I think you were one of the twinners XD