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The Hopscotch Chronicles

Book 1: The Big Changes

By @tankt2016 & @Maltese

Chapter 1: The Flame Wars

There had been a lot of changes in Hopscotch School.
It was April. Lots of people were leaving. Everyone was devastated. They were unhappy. Some of them were leaving because flame wars insulted them, others felt useless there, like they were the "flame" of the flame war, and yet others were leaving because of popularity. But luckily, others knew to keep at it. They knew if you don't keep coding, you will never become famous. It's everyone's dream to become famous and get on Featured, but some just don't understand Hopscotch isn't about popularity—it's about coding. We all came here to code.

Anyway, to the story.

One day, in Hopscotch School, a shy and insecure girl named Sapphire Jasmine Black entered with a cheery attitude. As her wavy hair bounces around her, she walks past all of the other people. On instinct, she starts grouping them into their own groups, although the loud noises of talking and new posts and topics are killing her eardrums. Her eyes bounce from one group to the other. Popular, Semi-popular, but her eyes focus on the one group of people she really dislikes... the bullies. They are mean, mean, mean, just plain mean, she thought. She brushed the thought off.
As she walked past them down to her first class, Math, she thought about Hopscotch and how to make a difference on the app.

In Math, there was a hard assignment. "You have to make something with Sine & Cosine and know how you did it. When you are all done, I will choose students one-by-one to come up to the front, show their code, and explain how they did it," Ms. Jenna Floyde Anna said. She was wearing a black jacket, jeans, and a dark blue T-Shirt today. She also had long, wavy hair. She was very nice and calm, but could sometimes lose her temper if the class doesn't pay attention.
Sapphire's hand went up.
"What is it, Sapphire?" Ms. Jenna said. "Do you need to go to the bathroom, or is it a question?"
"It's a question, but it may be a tip," Sapphire replied. "I (and a lot of people) don't know how to do Sine & Cosine, how about teaching us how to control it first? For the people that actually can do it, most of them don't know how to control it. It would be really helpful if you taught us it first."
"Good idea, Sapphire," she said. "I think I will do that first."
She was going to teach them how to make a circle with Sine and Cosine. It was pretty simple. Then they would try harder Sine and Cosine.
"First, we will do a simple circle," she explained. "It can get a little confusing and isn't that simple, but it's as simple as you can get with Sine and Cosine. First of all…"
Ms. Jenna drew on the blackboard how to do a circle.
"If I remember correctly, it's like this," she said.

"It will make this. I chose the colors light pink and light purple, but you can change the colors," Ms. Jenna said.

It's your turn to try! Try it! Use the code and publish a project!

Chapter 2: Joining The Hopscotch Forum

Meanwhile, the coded Original Characters (OCs) got together for a meeting…
"I know we will get hacked soon, and it's going to be bad," 13-year-old Emerald Twilight said in a serious, worried voice.
"Yeah. Those cyber bullies can also hack," Amber Twilight, Emerald's twin sister, said. "And they are also mean too. I heard many people left because of them. They were mean to our creators." She was very jumpy.
"It's no big deal; just stay cool," Jeff John Jones said. He was the "cool" type of kid you would find in school. He was 16 years old, so he knew how to be cool and knew that it wasn't a big deal.


In school, Oregon…

It was now June. School was almost out. Actually it was, but Jacie (Alyssa's friend), Alyssa (Aly for short) and Izzy (Alyssa's younger twin sister) had saved up for phones all year and finally gotten them right before school was out. Since the new Hopscotch iPhone all was out, they were able to get Hopscotch on their phones and code there.
"Hi, Alyssa!" one of SmileyAlyssa​:blush:'s friends said happily. "Congratulations on getting Featured again!" This friend was Jacie, who is ANIME L​:blue_heart:VE on Hopscotch.
"Have you tried out the Hopscotch Forum yet?" Alyssa said to Jacie. "It's really cool. Everyone there is so nice, you can get help there, start clubs and collaborations, get a coding partner, and more! So many things to list…"
"Not yet," Jacie replied. "I think I may join, though. How do I?"
Alyssa smiled and said, "You need an email. First you go to You tap the 'Create An Account' button. You type in your email, add in a password, and choose a username. You can probably get it from there!"

Later that day…

Jacie was sitting on her bed.
Jacie got on her phone. She went to Safari. From there, she typed in "". She tapped the "Create An Account" button. She put in her email, a password, and her Hopscotch username.
She was automatically sent an email with a link to activate her account. She used the link to activate her account. There! She had an account! The username was Pumpkin1Spice.
She attempted to figure out how to create a topic. She succeeded, after fifteen minutes. Jacie created an "I'm new to the forum" topic.
"Jacie! Dinner!" her mom called. She raced downstairs, and sat at the table.
They ate and talked about their day.
After dinner, Jacie resumed wandering the Hopscotch Forum. She did this and that, entered this topic and that one, replied here and there, liked this and that, then exited the forum after an hour. She turned off her phone. She went to watch a Friday Night Movie with her family. When the movie was over, it was 10:00 P.M. She went to bed.

Chapter 3: Hot Days

It was the next day. Izzy and Alyssa were at Disky's house, in her pool. (Disky is CreativeCoder, for your information.)

It was a really hot day, perfect for swimming. Disky was in a seaweed green, long-sleeved swim shirt with matching seaweed green pants down to her ankles. Izzy was in a one-piece snowflake-patterned swimsuit. Alyssa was in a two-piece swimsuit with smiley faces all over.
There were all kinds of pool toys in the square, underground, pool that had a black gate with lots of holes all around it.
Some pool toys were floaties, O-shaped inflatables with handles. Others were noodles, long, hollow, foam, um…um…well, noodle-shaped things! And more were beach balls, boogie boards, and more! That pool was quite big. There was a lot of land on that property.
There was a slide and a diving board. The pool was really warm.

"Watch this! I can do a figure 8 underwater!"
Izzy did a backflip, then a frontflip. She didn't go up for a breath of air as she already had enough; she didn't have to.
"Cool, I'll try it in pieces first!" Disky said. She did a backflip. He came up for under the water, got a breath of air, then went back down again and did a frontflip.

Alyssa cannonballed into the pool. She just jumped in; she wasn't wet before that. Then, while still underwater, she swam underwater to the middle of the pool, where Izzy and Disky were standing. She snuck up on them. She slowly rose from underwater a few feet, then she popped up quickly with a big splash!
Disky and Izzy shrieked. They were surprised.
"What are you so scared about?" Alyssa said. Disky was open-mouthed, with a half-worried and half-scared expression on her face. She was frozen. Alyssa and Izzy had their back to what Disky was pointing to.
A nest full of just-hatched baby red-breasted robins was falling, along with a broken branch! Disky, a fast swimmer, quickly swam to the ladder with her goggles on, then dived to catch the nest, just in the nick of time! The birds weren't badly hurt, but they were shaken up and looked like they had to be taken to an animal hospital immediately, as one looked like it had a broken bone, and the others probably should have X-rays to make sure they didn't have any broken bones, too.

Disky got up from where she dove and said, "I'll hand this nest of birds to my mom inside. She can call the local Animal Hospital, also known as the local Vet. Then we can dry off, dress, and bring them to the vet with her. You two did bring clothes, or at least a cover-up, right?"
"I'm pretty sure our parents packed them," Izzy said. "Also, do you know our parents arranged a sleepover for us?!" Alyssa said enthusiastically.
"No, um…I'm a…a little nervous, too…I've nev-…never been to a sleepover b-…before, either," Disky stuttered in a small, slightly frightened, voice.
They dried off, then went inside to dress.
Disky's mom had just got off the phone.


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On day, in Hopscotch School, a shy and insecure girl named Sapphire entered with a cheery attitude. As her wavy hair bounces around her, she walks past all of the other people. On instinct, she starts grouping them into their own groups, although the loud noises of talking and new posts and topics are killing her eardrums. Her eyes bounce from one group to the other. Popular, Semi-popular, but her eyes focus on the one group of people she really dislikes... the bullies.


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