Mals Game Show!


Credit to everyone who did this before me!

Mals Game Show
Welcome to my game show! Each round I will have 3 contestants. The game will consist of me asking 12 questions about myself (they will relate to hopscotch) and the first to answer the correct answer gets a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game will get a drawing from me! Reply below if you'd like to participate!

Round 1
@thebestest - 1


Yes please! :D

ooops XD




Cool! One more person!


Can i join?


Yup! Ok let's get started!

Q1: When did I join hopscotch?


Sometime last year??


I have no clue

What is your Hopscotch name again? :sweat_smile:


Sometime in 2014??¿????


Nope! It's not what my old account says! I've had multiple accounts! @thebestest is the closest! One last chance for @KVJ and then we'll move on.


Wait my second post is?


Ya, but you only get one guess each round, if nobody gets it, we move on ^.^


August 2014?

a guess XD


November 2014? Idk…!!


None of you guys got it! The answer is...2013 in beta!

Now onto question 2!

Q2 Who was the first person I followed?


I really dont know um tht?


Not me :stuck_out_tongue:




Nope, nope, and nope! @LotsaPizza was the first person I followed. I'll start giving hints because this is turning out to be perty hard!

Q3: What was my first avatar on hopscotch? (when they used the characters)
Hint: Red and blue make ________


Gorilla? (Hes like the only purple one also is that his name i dont really know)