Malies General Topic (Take 2)


Malies General Topic (Take 2!)
This is a take two on my general topic! Here you can...

• Ask questions
• Answer my questions for you
• Vote on my polls
• Read my updates


Finally got back on hopscotch! My username is -Malie-

I was messing around and came up with this:

Any ideas for what it should become?

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That looks super cool! I love it! :clap::smile:

And also, congrats on making a general topic! :smile:


Maybe use that for a loading screen!
It looks very cool


Taht looks awsum! Maybe it can just be an aesthetic thing, but it could also be the cover/thumbnail/title screen for any games, stories, etc. you maek!


It looks familiar! I think I have seen something similar in a flyer for a university.


That looks AWESOME!!! It looks kind of like a poke ball...?


@Dude73 @MudFlowerCat @GysvANDRegulus @MR.GAM3R @Dude73 Thanks so much guys! I just published it and called it modern art XD

If you haven't already, please go check out my hopscotch account! -Malie-!


What's your profile picture?


It's the blue one with purple triangles :D


Ok awesome thanks :DDD


I'll check it out! :D


I only have one project but I have a platform jump in progress.


I can't find it DDD:


I found it! Just search Modern art, and it is down a little ways. :smile:


Ok thanks Dudey:DDDD



So glad you made a general topic! :D

Thanks for tagging me :DD


Cool we have twinning names :smiley:
-Malie- and -Madi-


Ha! I would just be Malie but someone stole my name D:<


Hai @Malie!
wanna still learn German? ;P

Can I be added to el list?