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Malie Drawing Requests

Open Closed
Hey Guys! Malie Here, and I decided I would open up a forum thread for requests because I never actually get them on hopscotch. The drawings will be posted on hopscotch, NOT the forums, so make sure to look on hopscotch to see your finished request! Below is what you have to fill out, and examples of past art.

Here is the form!!

Hopscotch username:
Forum Username:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Hair Style [braid, curly etc]:
Eye Color:
Shirt Color:
Shirt Type (tank top etc):
Shirt decorations:
Skin color:
Extras (ears,wings etc.):


Hopscotch username: RobotPro
Forum Username: RobotPro
Hair Colour: dark dark brown
Eye Colour: dark dark brown
Shirt Colour: purple
Shirt Type (tank top etc): long sleeved shirt
Shirt decorations: add a kitty cat :3
Skin Colour: tanned
Extras (ears,wings etc.): purple glasses


You know who I am. Please do me.


Accepted C:
Requests will be closed till I do these.


Both requests are done C: I have published them on Hopscotch, so you can go check them out there.
****I forgot to shade them fully, omegersh so sorry.****

Requests are open again!