Malie is taking Profile Pic Requests!


I got a new drawing app, and want to practice my drawing, so I am taking profile pick requests! They will (unless specifically asked otherwise) be in the style of my current profile pic. I have three slots at a time. If all three slots are full, I won't be taking requests until one opens up. To get a profile pic, in DETAIL, explain what you would like.
Slot 1: OPEN
Slot 2: OPEN
Slot 3: OPEN


Do something like dis

It my OC all I did was a fox wif those colors I spent hours on the web learning how to make them it Hard


Can I have a girl with brown or black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, a blue t-shirt that says #CreepyStalkerGuy on it, blue shorts, and brown boots?


You've both been excepted. They should be finished by today!


Maybe you should post an example of your drawing so people know how you draw. :wink:


Apologies! All requests will be finished hopefully be next Monday due to me being on spring break.


Yay! I finished them on my 6 hour car drive. So, @Holly_Aarmau, I tried my best, but you didn't give me a hair length, so I did medium, and slightly wavy. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


All slots are now open!

@Kayro Sorry for the photo quality.... My kindle won't let me upload my drawings so I have to take a pic. :grin: Anyways, here's my try at Shadow (Gosh, I'm sorry it kind of failed....)


It is perfect
I will never be able to do that


Thanks :slight_smile: It means a lot!


Can you please draw my OC, Britta? I think your art is really good, and I would appreciate if you could draw her. She has very long, curly blonde hair, bright green eyes, a hot pink tee shirt and blue jeans. Her skin color is peach-y. Thank you so much!


Of course! She should be finished by Friday, if not, sooner!


Thank you!!!! 02020202