Makstese tropic :3


hoi there im makstese

let thus get out of ways. im not @Maltese aka my queen senpai.
im not a fan account either. but who cars.

im makstese

as you knew i spek in @tem's launge i gues. but anuywasysers im exited to chat with stangers I dont know. You alredy saw me befour i thinks. Anuyways you cans talks to mes. and i dont really know waht else.

Hove fun :3
(im scared to make this)




Hoi masktles :3


Your awesome!

(My queen senapi kitten) all hail MAKTESE


yay :D



What do you want me too do queen MALKTESE?


Do you happen to know @Blurbyblurb or @system (aka me)?


Aw, thanks :DD


@system is playing pokemon go right now..... he grets crankey at night. He goes to sleep and closed stuff :/



Btw for the OMTL put the [details=ONTL] but on a new line, leaving a gap like

this :wink:


Welcome to the forum! Remember, always be nice!


get a taco :D

or not.... do what you want your freesas


Yeah, I'm right now just seeing what Pokemons are at my house.


i joined in june or something

But tanks :D


And I'm not asleep. But yes, I did close a lot of topics.


Here's a taco :taco:! I will have a cookie


:grin: heres a cokkie



@MAKTESE I am @system. My fren is @discourse and I disguised myself as a bot.


Do you have another account?


are you from fnaf?



no....of course not :3

your on to me*COUGHt* lol jk