Making Youtube in HS


Okay, so today I wanna make a photo projects but I'm not sure which one is possible
YouTube or
YouTube would be easier you know I could take a screenshot, dramaalert, ricegum, etc.
I'd give a lot of credit would be harder because I can't do songs
So yeah be on the lookout for YouTube!


Okay I got all the screenshots for the videos inside and I have an intro planned. :blush:


Nice, I recommend you add some other types of channels like

jacksepticeye - gaming

Pewdiepie - vlogs

Just keep it kid friendly.


Cool! It would be hard, but super cool if you could make "videos" with Stop Motion.


Here, these are the videos that---
Dude pewdiepie is innappropriate :joy::joy:


They're a bunch of different photos if you click on each video's photo


Wait I need to fix two of these photos whoops
EDIT: they're fixed but I'm not uploading them at the moment


If theres room I'll put a crainer or jacksepticeye video in thre okay guys
Or superwoman
Yeah superwoman


XD neither of those people are kid friendly


I know, but you need a mix just get diffrent titles.


Can I put ricegum dramaalert LeafyIsHere and keemstar there? I've already put the images in and almost all the code is done
I've been working on this for like an hour


I love crainer!!!!!

He rocks.


Here I'll send you a screenshot of the videos in there


Okay friendship2468.


@MelonKindOfGuy would this project get verified


More and likely.


Maybe I should replace these kids must be stopped...
Jacob Sartorius vid should do


What is!?


This lip syncing app.

Other then that I don't know.


If theirs room could u add may baby
She's totes friendly in my opinion