Making Themes for OCs ~ Suggestions, Help, and Feed back



Ok, so I made a theme for this oc:

And would like suggestions and feed back.
Note: I got the idea from @CTS’s Anima’s Theme Project.
My project:

Rate it please, here:

  • Amazing!
  • Feature. Worthy. It is AMAZING!!!
  • Could be improved, but still good.
  • Horrible :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Meh, could be way better.
  • Ok.
  • Good.

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Also, check out this…
@CTS’s awesome Project:

Shout out to her!

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first reply? ok that works


CTS’s project is really good, I wish I could code like her :slight_smile:

I mean, the projects good, but everything can be improved right?


Fourth reply? ok that works

Yeah I think we can let it stay in this category.


Yeah, it can.
I got inspired by her so I made this


Ok, thanks for telling me!


Sure, we just go through latest and not the categories am I right?


Also feel free to nominate it if you want