Making shapes different colors


The game/app I'm designing has about 20 squares and I want them to be various colors. I've added rules for each square to change the color when "the play button is tapped." Basically, there are 20 squares that need to be 4 different colors. Each time I change the color of a square it change the color of all the other squares. How can I have 20 squares in various colors?


are you using the rainbow blocks and inside there is a set color? those rainbow block do the same for each time their used so you can go to the looks and sounds tab and get a set color from there not in the rainbow block


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Hi, and welcome! If you just use the change color block it's in a rule, which means if you add it to 2 things, they will do the same things, for the rest of them an easy way is to go into the green tab and use the set color block! Good luck on what your making- smishsmash_ (Crazy_cake


You need to use set color blocks, not the rainbow ability block. The rainbow block stays the same, and sets each square to the same color.


Thanks guys! I figured it out. Not sure how I missed the set color block. Not even sure what I was using before now. It all
Makes so much more sense!