Making profile pictures/edits


I'm now making edits/profile pics

Here's an example of one for @SmileyAlyssa

If you want one just tell me colors, username, & saying (if you want one)

BAS Approved Tag List

@Sugarisyummy @EggsOnSaturn1 @Deadfr@LazyLizard@SnowGirl_Studios@Gilbert189@Supermoon39@Wookie @GracefulIcing1@Razor @RubyStars@RenegadeBird1 @ProgrammingHero@Intellection74@RubyWolf1@LavenderLovinNerd @Doodliedoo@FrothyCad@bluedogmc-official@RobotPro@Crazy_Crawfish@codingCupcake123@Niftynia75 @DancingLollipop@a10@Stick88@Hermione @Fun_in_the_Sun@Calico2.0@tankt2016@CreationsOfaNoob@Rose_Owl@smishsmash @AvocadoDont@Paydent12@Destined_Taco1@xXBARNSLEYFCXx@ConnellCoder@CosineStudios@Candycane@AmiiboTrash@Purdue19@kenlauescuadro@HoppingBanana@Kawaii_Lover @EnchantedAnimallover@Catface4


I want aqua and Lighter Aqua.....Username: KawaiiLover★


Could I have red and white.My hopscotch name is xXBARNSLEYFCXx.My saying is as long as you try you will never die. @Wookie


Done @Kawaii_Lover


Nice!!!! I will save it.....Can you make an extra purple or for DOS


Can You Make Me One?


How do you do this????


That looks awesome! Thank you, @Wookie! :D I'll set that to my profile background tomorrow! (Just because today is DOS)


I'm not on the tag list anymore @Wookie


Done @Kawaii_Lover


These are super cool!maybe you could make one for my sister...? She's Rainstorm​:comet: On HS!
Background Colours: Dark blue & grey!
Username: Rainstorm​:comet:

That's all! Thanks, and take your time! :smile:
They really are awesome!


I'm not on the tag list!


My username is AmiiboTrash but I prefer "IFightForMyFriends" and the colours can be dark blue and green.
my saying is "I have no soul"