Making pictures like this (in the topic) with your pictures! (Last 2 requests!)



(Sorry if this is not related to Hopscotch.)
I am bored and I thought something so I will not be bored: Making pictures like this:

@staff, am I allowed to do this on the forum? If no, please close this topic.

If you want one, please put your picture below (no personal pictures please, just art/drawing/profile pics).

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That's really cool!
Maybe make them for user card backgrounds or something, that way it can be related?


Well, I think it may not fit the dimensions of the picture to be put into the user card background or even the profile pics, but I hope it will fit!


Can you do my profile pic?

Cause why not.


Of course!
Ummm..... Do you still have your original profile picture (I mean, the picture before you set it as your profile picture)?


I'm pretty sure this is aloud if it is for the forum.


Well, um..... I think it is not allowed. :frowning:


I have seen this before, and if it is for the forum it is allowed.

However, maybe your right! Who knows! :smile:


Can you do it for me please ? @kenlauescuadro


Do you still have the original profile picture file?

(Because the profile picture is so blurry when I download it from the user's profile pic.)


Can you draw one for me? @kenlauescuadro?


Yes, I have it. Is this okay?


Hi guys!
I need your original profile pics like this so I can make you one, Thanks!


Like this?


Yep, but your current profile pic.


Done! @RubyStars




Done! @Fun_in_the_Sun
(Is this okay?)


Can you try mine?


Done! @SmileyAlyssa