Making our own characters with vector!



Dear Hopscotch Team (@alish @system @Ian),
I'm proposing that the next Hopscotch update, after the iPhone edition, there should be a way to draw characters with shapes.

The Create a Character option could be somewhere in the characters menu.

Then when you click on the option a white box appears. Starting on the right, the editor option, when selected, allows the user to click any shape and change its form.
The shapes can be selected and you can easily create a circle/square/triangle etc. by dragging across the screen.
The scissors are there so that if you don't want a shape, you can delete it by selecting the scissors and then clicking the shape you want to delete.
The more colors option allow you to change your current color and when clicked a color wheel appears.
The current color option displays what your current color is.
Finally, the select option lets you to move shapes around without accidently making new shapes. It acts like a cursor.
I hope you consider adding this feature to the next update! -torithecrafter


Awesome idea! A very interesting and unique concept.


Also you should be able to draw many pictures so the character can change pose!


@friendship2468 already made a topic about this :grin:


@anonymous I already made a topic about this so @cherrycupcakes next time cna you look up the topic first, this idea has been proposed multiple times.


It doesn't hurt to have more than one topic! :grin: only if it's off topic though. This topic seems fine to me. (Double topics, double the chance of Liza or a THT member opening this topic and considering it)


Looks awesome! It's very cool!


I like your idea too about drawing them, but I'm proposing that there should be a way to do it with vector, because it's easier to use especially if you have a shaky hand.