Making music stop


How do you make music stop after starting it when creating a game?


repeat forever
. . check once if ((stopping value)=0)
. . . . moosics
. .


when (stopping trigger)
set value (stopping value) to 1


There should be a stop all sounds block, like scratch.


There doesn't need to be a stop all sounds block though, because you can code it with a value and a text object.


The problem with not having some blocks, is that it makes more code. The more you have to add code that could be just put into a block, the more the app works, and if the app works to hard, it quits.


Well, the Hopscotch Team would have to code the stop all sounds block anyways, making the same amount of code.


Imagine adding that music by upload. Then having a block to stop it when the game is finished. Saves time, and lag.


That'd be cool to be able to upload music :wink:. To stop it all you have to do is

Repeat Forever
  Check once if Music=1
  Play Music

Once the game is finished the value Music would be set to one.


That wouldn't work. Once the game ends, you have to wait for the song to be over. I agree, we need a stop sounds block.


If you put a Check Once if for every sound block it would work.


True. But for longer songs, with over 64 notes, the Check Once If blocks stop working, which is a problem fe regular coding as well.


There are a lot of blocks that need to be added. Basically, we need to have these me blocks as scratch except the broadcasting message thing. We can use variables for that.


Hi, I’m also one of those ppl who were wondering how to stop noises on hopscotch when a certain object is pressed or something like that. I was scrolling thru feed related to this topic when I saw a post from @DragonLover975 who said there’s a way to code it. (method above) However, as I’m sorta a noob, I don’t fully understand it. Any ideas on what he/she meant?