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Cuz I’m curious…

Any fellow string players out there?

  • Go Violins!
  • Go Violas!
  • Go Cellos!
  • Go Basses!
  • I’m not a string player and accidentially voted
  • I play more than one

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Yo band peeps

  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Euphonium/baratone
  • Claranet (base claranet and all that to)
  • Flute
  • Saxaphone
  • Tuba
  • Percusion
  • Some other one
  • More than one
  • Acedentaly voted

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My choices for starting an instrument: I tried violin, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet(I think. I don’t remember the last one even though it was only 3 years ago)

My final choices were Cello and Clarinet. The upper strings felt awkward to hold, and the only band instrument I could get a sound out of was the Clarinet.

Most people I know play one of those two.

@Soccersquirrel plays the tuba


I play trombone and i sing
I’m a second base


I dont sing in front of lots of people or people I don’t know well.


the only thing i can play on the piano is the nbc chimes does that count


Violin for life! :violin:


Yay! Orchestra people!

One mroe violin and we have a quartet!


Aha! We have a string quartet!

Violins: @yaygirls @FATTCAT
Viola: @SweeTeaStuffz
Cello: @Panthera

What songs do u guys know?(edit ‘em in the folder)


First blue section by panthera
-night shift
-japanese lulluby
-james bond
-follow the drinking gourd

this is yaygirls
double trouble
rite at stonehedge


hhh I don’t remember I just did it in jazz in 6th grade


hA it’s not a quartet if it doesn’t have a bass. You have only three different types of instruments.







rude how dare they exclude basses


You mean the fish. (Bass is mispronounced so it sounds like bass the fish. Therefore, it is a fis)(the cello is the oversized guitar because people almost always ask “is that a guitar” and not “is that a cello”)

Nah. I respect y’all. My teacher says y’all are the most important instrument. Also, my friend plays it.


Yeah, we’re very important becausee we’re needed to keep the cellists in check with our low e strings >:D Jk
But scaring cellos is fun, sorry cellos and cellists

Also everybody thinks that basses are cellos. Like. N o have you even seen a cello next to a bass they’re tiny


I know! (I’mma cellist)

The best part is…THE ENDPINS >:D

Second month into learning it…and class stops because one of the bass players got scratched by the endpin. Knowing they’re sharp, when I carry my cello, I walk down the hallways shouting, “LETHAL WEAPON COMING THROUGH! GET OUT OF THE WAY!”


An 1/8 size base is about the size of a full size cello

Yes, in 6th grade someone played the 1/8th size bass.

(Orchestra insult idea!)


They’re very dangerous
When the basses have endpins, you’re supposed to put them in when you carry them but like 50% of the people don’t and they crash into. Everything.

Yup :u


I had a 1/8th in. Second grade wow
Were they short?