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Nope, I got it after piano lessons as a little kid! I got the skill from just sorta listening to the music. It’s hard to explain.


That’s really cool!


I think the bass is too amplified - it sounds pretty distorted at the drop >.> Otherwise, great job man!

Let's get straight to the point:
No one likes me anymore; I know that - from internet forums to real life; no one likes to talk with me, no one likes to be in a group with me, everyone judges me for my very little mistakes. I feel like no one cares about me because my HS account is just too quiet, and I have been posting these Astral teasers, even though I might not be able to make the last part of it.

Basically, I have depression (maybe anxiety, idk).

That depression makes me do less music; where school, unpopularity in both online and in real life; and more.

So, what has this do with the topic? Well, I might stop creating music; or at least stop posting notifications here. It’s just that no one really cares about me in this forum; I know that. No need to tell me otherwise.

TL:DR is that I might stop making music or just not login here at all. Feels like forum people don’t know me anymore because I stopped making Hopscotch projects.


Noo you’re such a cool guy ;-; and for a beginner in making music, it’s all coming along nicely :D

And continue Astral please dont quit it at least pass it onto someone like @Etalix or @CreativeCoder who’s good at code and story alike ;o;

Also, depression is super horrible. You’d know if you had it if you did have it - it’s just a lack of enthusiasm for your work, and I’ve felt it before many times, including when I was semi-famous on Hopscotch. My projects had a max of 300 likes, while other famous people like Kiwicute or Gilbert189 had projects with 500, more or less. I felt horrible. ;-;


I am a huge fan of Deadmau5

I am listening to it right now


Well, I might be able to make the last part of Astral in my lifetime if I ever had an iDevice (hopefully an iPad) to do it… No need to worry about that…

As I posted this, I realized that it might be my ultimate comeback, but not really a comeback because I MIGHT not be able to make projects after I posted the last part.

However, if I might not be able to make it or will discard it (or etc…), I will make sure that I will tag someone to continue that.


Okay, cool! Thanks man xD

And I hope you feel better soon. ;o;


oh nice im glad someone brought this topic back

@t1_hopscotch do you have an opinion on sharing one’s voice on the forum? i sing & play instruments bc i don’t have any fancy computer programs or enough musical knowledge to compose instrumentals lol

i’m over 13 and i’ve asked my parents (they said it was fine but i’ve just been too lazy to make a youtube/soundcloud/etc haha)

edit: i did ask this question on the old topic, but moderation has changed soooooo i figured id ask again


make another account


dsgnskjg i didnt consider this


Well, my turn to leave…

I won’t give many reasons, but i lost motivation, and my iPad’s logicboard broke, so…

Im here, just doing Youtube and Soundcloud…
And now, im in /r/polandball, a fun community where we make satire jokes about countries…

And heres a cover art teaser for my new series…

I guess this will be my last time here…
Thats it for now, this has been Kris MG


“comrades” lol @comicvillestudios


I swear I thought I’d leave this place forever, but inside me told me that I have to show you guys this


i like it but for it to be super si c c u should like hav ethat as an intro and then add drums


Not related to music, but I might do the new Astral: Peak story in Wattpad, part by part. (Astral has been discussed previously here). Thanks


hi <kajndksdnajksnjkansd.


I might post music here again. Might focus on the Astral story first before coming back here.

Once I start the story, I will edit this post and put the link here.

Link: ???


do that.
music is cool. I’m working on a track myself xD


Am I the only one who loves Night Shift?

It’s fun to listen to and fun to play!