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I don't know who they are, like, why would I?

Seriously, I don't...

--------- end of reply


There are headphone, earphones, cellphones, smartphones (based on cellphones), megaphones, and microphones. (All the ones off the top of my head.) Notice they are all sound related.


When someone's song that you just linked got a lot more plays than 80% of your songs' plays...


There's a high possibility this Summer that I'm gonna grind..


Wait, what?

You're just starting your vacation?

Like, it's less than a month before our classes start here...


I'm in SouthEast Asia cough cough though you knew cough..


21 Savage Issa Album dropping soon



Welp, I remade the Monstercat visualizer in FL Studio 12...

Can't believe it

Also, it's not accurate. I'm trying to make an accurate one

And I respect Monstercat, so I ""might not"" use it in YouTube

Also again, I used pictures to replicate the visualizer

Also again, again, check out Blank Banshee (note: some content may be explicit)

Also again, again, again, it's not the exact layout... It's just the visualizer... I might not be able to do the whole layout with just paint.NET and ZGameEditor Visualizer (FL Studio's Visualizer Plugin)...


Oooh you know of Monstercat? :scream: I know of them only because of a song used in a video game advertisement, but I love it!!! :heart_eyes:



Nitro Fun and Hyper Potions!

I love HP's Porta Vista, and I love NF's new song called "Home".


This is part 1, I'm going to make the whole song. Is it ok?


I heard d412k has a new song to be released...


I finally had a use for song keyfinders


Experimental track.

--- anybody else?


Ooh will check this out later!



I prefer NCS or MrSuicideSheep (SeekingBlue Label)


I also like MrSuicideSheep. I don't know about NCS...

I don't know about any of those, to be honest. I try not to lean towards major record publishers, but instead record publishers like Gutter Records or Dreamscape ^^


cover made by me :yay:


bruh 21 savage all that smoke is disgusting